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Our Work Upgrading Industries. Upgrading Humanity.

Closely partnering with ambitious companies
to build a world that works better for everyone.

  • Microsoft - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Lupl - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Dunkin Donuts - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • AOPA - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • K2Integrity - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Schlumberger - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • NCR - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Best Buy - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Momus Analytics - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Benchly - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • TEES - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Express Freight Handlers - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • BonusRight - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Razorback Farms - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • The Emergency Center - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company
  • Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center - Frogslayer Client - Custom Software Development Company

Our Work

  • Intelligence-Driven Jury Selection

    A legal tech company engaged with Frogslayer to realize the vision of the founder and CEO who had developed a theory and heuristics around the optimal method for juror selection. The solution employs machine intelligence to scrape information from a host of publicly available sources that passes through a bespoke logic engine in order to provide data-driven recommendations for attorneys to leverage in jury selection.

  • A New Window to Augmented Revenue

    The Windows 8 launch offered a perfect opportunity to open the Windows Store, but they were challenged by the need to port the existing products of major retail brands into the new store experience. Additionally, Microsoft wanted a solution that took advantage of new touch-enabled interfaces as well as laptops and desktops. This client partnered with Frogslayer to bring big brands to the new Windows Store including Best Buy, Expedia, American Airlines, Texas A&M University, Wrigley, and US Bank.

  • Eliminating Barriers Between Elected Officials and Their Constituents

    Our client partnered with Frogslayer to create a nonpartisan platform that connects elected officials with registered voters in their constituency. The app facilitates direct polling between elected officials and those they represent. This solution secures polls to ensure that constituents are the only people who can respond to elected official-initiated polls. It introduces management of elected officials’ accounts via administrator portal and allows admins to handle account billing and provide resources to EOs via resource center features. The app drastically reduces polling costs for political entities.

  • Data Analysis Meets Real-Time Visualization

    Energy optimization of commercial, institutional, and plant facilities is becoming more important in society today. In Texas alone, there is a $5B untapped market for energy savings, but there are not enough qualified personnel that understand the complex engineering insights the process provides. The tools Frogslayer created allow any employee to evaluate a building for optimization, monitors real-time data and compile into a meaningful format, permits engineers to compare estimates to actuals, gathers, aggregates real-time data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s repository, and creates a single source of truth for training videos, user manuals, and more.

  • Order Up: Digital Signage, Media, and Reporting Tech

    Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) require signage and menu boards that are dynamic, compelling, and, most importantly, easy to update with new products, price changes, and custom offerings. One of the top digital display providers in the industry often turns to Frogslayer to implement new products for rollout in stores. These include products within their specific domain of expertise, but also new innovations in reporting and purchasing approached from a user-centric standpoint in order to deliver immediate value.

  • Delivering a Future-forward Reimagining of Legacy Systems

    A fast-growing professional unloading company – with approximately 500 employees serving more than 150 facilities in the foodservice, packaging, and paper sectors – needed redesigned and reimagined logistics and transport capabilities as well as automation within an antiquated invoicing and billing process. Our solution addresses and improves data traceability, increases visibility into each load in the supply chain, and adds automation to their outmoded, sub-standard invoicing and billing processes. Additionally, Frogslayer engineered their data, producing trustworthy, properly parsed and categorized information that can be applied more broadly within the new system. Overall, this digitalization effort provides many advances and optimizations beyond what could be achieved through analog means.

  • Standardizing Preparation for Standardized Testing

    Preparing for yearly testing in grades K-12 is an onerous and sometimes thankless task. Frogslayer created robust management tools to enable our client, an educational tech company, to scale their operations which include printing and shipping of paper-based tests, administration of student and school data, contract management, delivery of supplemental materials, curriculum, and instruction to teachers. Frogslayer also built a scoring engine to facilitate essay assessment by our client's distributed team of scorers with testing results analytics for teachers and administrators that allow them to see the results of prep testing, spot trends and issues, and enable them to more effectively impact student outcomes.

  • Adapting to Patient Needs Through User-Centric Design

    A free-standing emergency room (ER) that offers all of the same services as a traditional ER partnered with Frogslayer to redefine the employee experience and modernize the various workflows. Additionally, they needed a system for managing cases and patient encounters. Frogslayer designed and built the first completely cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system for free-standing emergency centers to manage cases and patient encounters, handle charting, manage lab orders with equipment integration, and facilitate HR management. This HIPAA-compliant system offers predictive guidance for nurses via heuristics and lookup tables and shifts the focus from software to the in-person patient experience.

  • Building Client Reliance on the Firm, Not the Technology

    A third-generation credit insurance firm with deep roots in Texas-based community banks, our client recognized that it was time to change their processes and workflows and bring their business into the 21st Century. They collaborated with Frogslayer to build a new system for submission of insurance applications to a major credit insurance company. It helps banks track cancellations and refunds and allows bank managers to view performance reports for their loan staff. Our client can now provide a contemporary, responsive web application to support their clients whilst improving operational visibility through reporting.

  • Galloping Towards New Efficiencies

    As the top full service, state of the art equine facility expands into new markets, recruitment of talent, retention and standardization are necessary. To that end, our client needed best-in-class veterinary practice management software specifically designed to address the unique needs of equine patients while building practice efficiency. The solution unifies operations across their facilities and personnel. The multi-function practice management solution facilitates interoperability with other systems, allows ambulatory vets to find patient records and update information while in the field, improves basic operational efficiencies as well as communication tracking.

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