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Who we are

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Dream Team

We provide the human ingenuity and know-how you need to address your most pressing goals and take control of your digital future.

Who are you?

Entrepreneurial leaders with a desire to innovate and transform their industries work with Frogslayer.

Learn what Frogslayer offers to a ...

I want to
  • Leverage data to make smarter, faster decisions.
  • Connect my employees, customers, and vendors to improve collaboration.
  • Discover new revenue opportunities, productize services, monetize data, and improve our customer experience.
I want to
  • Automate our key processes to drive efficiency and do more with less.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and grow revenue.
  • Break down silos between departments and business units.
I want to
  • Confidently build and scale custom software for my business.
  • Accelerate delivery of a growing project backlog.
  • Inspire innovation and help create new ways of working.
Who are we?

We're a cross-breed of disciplined software engineers, thoughtful experience designers, outcome-driven product strategists, and experienced business builders.

  • Strategy

    We've got all the big ideas and creative talent of an ad agency or creative studio except we deliver working products, not expensive presentations.

  • Design

    We validate, design, and prototype proof-of-concepts like any "creative technology" studio, but we do it in less time and for less money.

  • Engineering

    We develop lean, stable code using all the best practices of any leading dev shop, except we focus on the user experience so people actually like using what we build.

  • At the end of the day, we're also the team that brings it all together, helps build a business around the product, gets it to market, and delivers the results.

One Team.
One Dream.

Learn about the leaders at Frogslayer.

  • Ross Morel - Frogslayer CEO - Custom Software Developers

    Ross Morel

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ross Morel

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ross is a management and technology consultant that’s advised over 100 clients since 2011 to help make buildings smarter, oil rigs safer, financial crime harder, healthcare more collaborative, and more. A software professional since 2008, Ross took over as CEO and Managing Partner of Frogslayer, LLC in 2012 to drive the growth of the firm and establish a top-technology advisory approach. Ross quickly built the firm’s reputation by maintaining a focus on client service and success.

  • Devin Rabon - Frogslayer Head of Finance & Admin - Custom Software Developers

    Devin Rabon

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Devin Rabon

    Chief Financial Officer

    A strategic and operational financial executive, Devin leads Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, People/HR, Business Operations, and Legal & Risk. In her role, she aims to enhance the prosperity of the firm and all firm stakeholders by linking strategy with financial goals and enabling productivity and efficiency across all groups. Previously she served as Executive Assistant to the CEO, Office Manager, Business Operations Manager, Chief of Staff, and Head of Finance + Admin. Devin graduated from Texas A&M University, married in 2020 (just before the pandemic), has three bulldogs, and is a Harry Potter fanatic.

  • Mike Olive - Frogslayer Managing Director - Custom Software Developers

    Michael Olive

    Managing Director

  • Michael Olive

    Managing Director

    After serving in the Marine Corps and graduating from Arizona State University, Mike Olive has dedicated his life to helping people and businesses overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. As Managing Director for Frogslayer’s Revenue Team, Mike drives the company’s business development activities by helping business leaders modernize, evolve, and grow their businesses through strategic investments in custom software products, business strategies, and other professional services that Frogslayer offers.

  • Thomas Supercinski - Frogslayer Head of Engineering - Custom Software Developers

    Thomas Supercinski

    Head of Solution Consulting

  • Thomas Supercinski

    Head of Solution Consulting

    Thomas has been a software engineer and technology consultant since finishing his Masters in 2003. Thomas’ professional expertise includes software engineering, technical leadership, requirements analysis and specification, and solution architecture and design. He previously served as the Head of Engineering, growing Frogslayer’s engineering capabilities and ensuring adherence to standards across the firm’s portfolio of active engagements.

  • Jacob Stone - Frogslayer Head of Delivery - Custom Software Developers

    Jacob Stone

    Head of Delivery

  • Jacob Stone

    Head of Delivery

    Jacob is Head of Operations at Frogslayer, where he utilizes his Computer Engineering degree from Texas A&M and 5 years of industry experience to drive success. He strives to gain a deep understanding of business needs and believes in delivering value early and often. Jacob prides himself on full transparency and will provide stewardship to support long-term objectives.

  • Tim Scott - Frogslayer Head of Strategy & Design - Custom Software Developers

    Tim Scott

    Head of Product Strategy + Design

  • Tim Scott

    Head of Product Strategy + Design

    A Computer Science graduate from Texas A&M and design thinking enthusiast, Tim has been a software consultant since 1998. Tim’s professional expertise includes design thinking, UX strategy and design, market analysis, requirements analysis and specification, client relationship management, software engineering, and cross-disciplinary team leadership. Tim’s client experience includes launching many revenue-generating products in legal tech, engineering, and research industries as well as delivering line-of-business systems to meet internal needs. His past clients include Fortune 500 oilfield service companies, national restaurant chains, and engineering-based startups.

  • Shaun Maier - Frogslayer

    Shaun Maier

    Head of Engineering

  • Shaun Maier

    Head of Engineering

    Shaun graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M in 2010, but has been doing software consulting since 2006 across multiple different industries and technologies. Shaun’s expertise includes DevSecOps and Infrastructure, Quality Assurance, Development Leadership, Project Management, and Backend Development / Architecture. Shaun’s industry experience includes oil services, electrical equipment manufacture, insurance, legal, and others. When not helping clients, Shaun enjoys taking care of his ranch and the animals that make it up.

  • Suzy Morel, Sr. Content Marketing Manager - Frogslayer

    Suzy Morel

    Head of Marketing

  • Suzy Morel

    Head of Marketing

    Suzy is a master storyteller who has spent the past decade helping Frogslayer build a marketing engine from the ground up. With a degree in Communication from Texas A&M University, she brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to her role. Her favorite part of her role is working closely with colleagues and clients to bring their stories to life.

  • Brian Cahill, Head of IT - Frogslayer

    Brian Cahill

    Head of IT

  • Brian Cahill

    Head of IT

    Brian has been messing with technology since he first started tinkering with databases and hardware in the 1990s. He enjoys the challenge of researching and thinking outside the box in order to solve business problems and bring organization to chaotic environments. Career highlights include a custom application for managing disaster relief training which is still in use after 20 years and an active-active setup between two datacenters serving critical applications. Having physically managed every aspect of IT in the past, he now takes full advantage of SAAS applications and cloud services. Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and 9 kids as they homeschool, entertain guests and manage a milk cow, bees, chickens and garden. He also finds time for strategy games and coding on his custom home automation system.

  • Jaiden Johnson - Senior HR Business Partner, DEI Program Manager at Frogslayer

    Jaiden Johnson

    Senior HR Business Partner, DEI Program Manager

  • Jaiden Johnson

    Senior HR Business Partner, DEI Program Manager

    Jaiden is an established and effective HR partner. In her role, she focuses her time and efforts on enhancing the employee experience, and leveraging deep understanding of HR best practices and industry trends to provide strategic guidance to stakeholders, helping them optimize their HR processes and enhance their talent management strategies. Jaiden is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and spearheaded the first ideation of Frogslayer’s DEI Program. When not at work, she enjoys practicing yoga, playing with her dog, and spending time with friends and family.


We’re aggressively pragmatic.

We're a highly-skilled team of business-building strategists, data scientists, human-centered designers, and full-lifecycle engineers, all focused on one goal: your success in the next digital era.

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We’re driven by a thirst for discovery.

And a genuine passion for helping our clients. We stay obsessively focused on your needs in order to uncover the right insights and create digital products people love. As many of our clients will tell you, we care as much about your success as you do.


We've got a strong bias towards action.

Our teams dive deep into a problem, make informed decisions, and execute with discipline and speed. We deliver solutions with ruthless efficiency tempered by radical transparency.

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