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In an industry that's infamous for cost overruns and low-ball bids, we go to great lengths to make the most of your budget by de-risking projects, accelerating development, and proactively managing your software.

Our Pricing

Custom Software Development

Whether you want to stress test a concept, prove the limits of specific technologies, or create a full-blown product, Frogslayer has you covered. Together with our clients, we have created everything from prototypes to enterprise-grade software. How can we help you?

  • This is where your ideas come to life. We’ll spend time with you to dive deep into the problems you’re facing.

    The output is a blueprint for your project, completed with:

    • Clear definition of business value
    • Well-defined requirements
    • Technical design and architecture
    • End-to-end UI mockups
    • Project roadmap
    • Time and cost quote
  • Do you have an idea that you want to test out with contemporary technology? Or are you simply looking for a highly-targeted purpose-built, single-feature tool? Work closely with Frogslayer to test or complete your vision.

  • Are your current development partners underwhelming you? Do you have an existing product that needs to be reimagined? Frogslayer is ideally suited to replace your current team or show you what’s possible in a contemporary product.

  • Do you need a narrow, purpose-built application or tool to address a specific business problem? Something you can deploy quickly and expand later? Maybe you need an MVP, v1.0 or a First Release Product (FRP). Frogslayer is ready to jump in.

  • Is your product more complex and requires a polished interface with an expansive feature set? This offering is suitable for products with a longer lifecycle and often serves as the first phase of a multi-phase project.

  • This project type is for the most complex products or services and often requires many third-party integrations, multiple user roles, and configuration capabilities. If your product is Enterprise grade or you need a flexible application to address the needs of varied user types, Frogslayer wants to take that leap with you.

Assessments & Due Diligence

Do you have an existing product that isn’t working out as you had hoped? Frogslayer will help you understand your opportunities from creative and/or technical perspectives. Let Frogslayer apply some rigor to your concepts, stress test your hypotheses, and provide a professional (but unorthodox) review of your plans.

  • Do you have an idea for an app or a piece of software that addresses an identified problem within your industry? Frogslayer can help you validate that it is viable, desirable, and technically feasible. Then we can determine the most productive path for design, functional prioritization, development, release, and maintenance – all according to your needs and the needs of your business. We want to ensure that the product is adopted and effectively leveraged whilst tracking the appropriate data points that will prove success and ROI.

  • A product evaluation incorporates a technical review and code audit with a UI/UX audit.

    A comprehensive technical review is performed by engineering professionals (architecture, development, DevSecOps). It’s intended to provide an independent assessment of a system’s overall maintainability, reliability, scalability, performance, and security by looking under the hood to ensure code is clearly written, cleanly implemented, and free of show-stopping defects through the review of the source code, tooling, and supporting infrastructure.

    A UI/UX audit is a thorough analysis of product, service, or system user experience based on experiential and usability research. It is performed to identify issues that cause confusion, lead to high bounce rate, indicate user misunderstanding of the interface, or reflect accessibility issues. User Experience (UX) professionals evaluate a complete product or service to gauge usability on a comprehensive and holistic level. Recognized and established usability principles are leveraged to identify problems heuristically. The review also includes a comparison against best-in-class competitive products or services, as appropriate. This manual process – which may also incorporate some automated quality assurance testing – provides a detailed analysis and identified insights that may be examined for the sake of making improvements.

  • When making a determination as to whether the pursuit of custom software for your organization is viable and valuable, a build vs. buy assessment is an important step. A thorough understanding of total cost across a typical software lifecycle is critical because 70% of software costs occur after implementation. A detailed analysis that examines features, capabilities, UI/UX, workflows, integrations, ongoing maintenance costs and so forth will help you determine whether you truly need custom software or whether an off-the-shelf product is a viable alternative.

  • An organization’s embrace of digital technology may wax and wane over the course of years and it is, at times, necessary to understand digital readiness or maturity from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. What is the appropriate business area for focus? How well-realized is your strategic digital roadmap? Does your strategy provide the requisite directionality for your business when held up against current challenges and viewed as a reflection of a company’s mission, purpose, or values? Frogslayer can help you make appropriate decisions about digital integration within your business because digital is no longer an add-on, it is a necessary and requisite element woven throughout the fabric of your organization.

    For this endeavor, Frogslayer performs a systemic evaluation and analysis of organizational readiness for transformation or change. It is intended to identify potential challenges around the implementation of new procedures, structures, or workflows within a business, especially as it relates to the creation of a new digital product or service. This assessment determines the overall readiness to adapt to change, makes recommendations as to ways to minimize failure or mitigate damages and centers on project governance and other critical needs.

  • As the world moves through the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution of artificial intelligence, many organizations still lack a comprehensive understanding of the promise (and requirements) of such powerful technologies. Frogslayer is uniquely suited to provide you with a completely frank assessment as to your organization’s readiness to embrace AI – from the perspective of internal processes, workflows, and data quality. Data quality, hygiene, and structure will be analyzed to determine if the horizontal deployment of artificial intelligence technologies across your business is a viable next step or if such technologies are better suited to purpose-built applications within your digital ecosystem.

  • This service will help you gain an accurate and comprehensive understanding of a particular legacy application or a suite of legacy applications within a business ecosystem. Frogslayer will analyze the current state and collaborate with you to develop the business case around renewing and rejuvenating existing applications.

  • This type of audit is performed by the Product Strategy & Design team and examines whether the implementation of a product conforms to requirements, provides viable directionality towards satisfying the intended key performance indicators, and meets or exceeds user needs.

  • System architecture has a profound effect on the cost and success of a product or service across the entire software lifecycle. It sets you up for near-term achievement and long-term extensibility and this flexibility allows you to conscientiously make other technology choices. Accordingly, an Architecture Assessment is performed to ensure that the implemented frameworks reflect or promote completeness, consistency, integrity, usability, and compliance in order to augment stakeholder acceptance, decrease costs, reduce the development timeline, and enhance performance and quality. The status of your API ecosystem will also be examined and analyzed by our team.

  • The purpose of an Application Security Audit is to analyze a system’s codebase in order to determine whether the code is performing as intended and the code cannot be manipulated into performing otherwise. Moreover, the security audit determines if the system is communicating sensitive data in a secure and protected fashion through verification that proper security protocols have been implemented. Additionally, we examine how secure personal data is in the system and validate that proper steps are being taken towards the appropriate compliance requirements. Frogslayer has experience with ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, FERPA and others.

  • A Cloud Migration & Optimization Assessment examines applications and deployments for the purpose of enabling or improving system architecture. A thorough analysis is performed in order to establish prioritization around migrating or optimizing data, applications, or services in the cloud. Frogslayer provides recommendations as to the best cloud provider and cloud native services through cost and feature analysis and delivers a cloud migration and/or optimization roadmap.

  • Oftentimes, in the context of a merger or acquisition, a VC firm, investment bank or other interested party will require technical due diligence focused on analyzing and evaluating a company’s technology, product, architecture and processes. The intention is to determine accurate and substantiated valuation, potential revenue generation, and organizational readiness.

  • Engage Frogslayer for a comprehensive 30-point inspection and review covering infrastructure, source control, private build, integration build, release management, deployments, and runtime observability.

Consulting & Training

Sometimes your product needs invigoration, exploration or modernization for a host of possible reasons: Address product “rot,” receive guidance regarding acquired or inherited software projects, and solve team issues including productivity, predictability, or Agile adoption.

  • Does your organization need to become more innovative? Do you want to ensure that an existing product or service is constantly revitalized through a complete and evolving backlog? Frogslayer has a solution in offering recurring innovation sprints that will help your product and/or your business remain at the forefront of your industry. Digital transformation is never a complete process and innovation sprints can help ensure that you are consistently and iteratively evolving and embracing the future. Innovation sprints are most effective on a recurring basis and are intended to be applied in this fashion to support innovation and/or product iteration.

    By applying design thinking principles to your business, we can help you shift to a culture of innovation. Frogslayer can assist with innovation management, executive briefings, kickstarting a new product or solution, or by organizing an innovation retreat that includes workshops and team alignment.

  • Does your project need help? Do you have a product that would benefit from revitalization? Frogslayer can inject new life into projects that have been languishing in the backlog and inspire bold new efforts from your project team.

  • Reimagine or reinvest in your product through user research, UI design, the establishment of design standards & guidelines, creation of a global design language, and more.

  • Augment or enhance the directional strategy that underlies your product through vision and roadmap consultation, product backlog generation or maintenance, product/feature launch readiness assessments, user adoption strategy, go-to-market and commercialization strategies, and business model testing.

  • Proper DevOps implementation requires proper planning and input from trained consultants and subject matter experts. Frogslayer employs DevOps professionals who understand contemporary best practices and can provide you with insight on your organization’s existing environment that encompasses people, process, and methodology and allows you to optimise existing solutions and fundamental architecture. This service may also include the implementation of middleware and service bus architecture, performance modifications, and tooling optimization. The focus is always centered on organizational growth, automation, and optimization of cost.

  • Oftentimes, it is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the security of your organization, the privacy concerns and challenges around your data, and the regulatory compliance necessary for the operation of a given service, tool, or product. Frogslayer has the experience necessary to provide you with an aggregate view of corporate and legal policies, procedures and requirements across your organization. Let us help you narrow your risk profile in order to proceed with safety, security, and appropriate compliance.

  • Do you need to innovate through a cloud platform? Do you fully understand the benefits and challenges related to Azure or AWS migration? Let Frogslayer help you through this process of moving to leverage infrastructure as a service (IaaS) technologies. You may want to take advantage of a fully managed platform as a service offering (PaaS). Migration entails shifting data, applications, or other business elements to a contemporary cloud computing environment according to research around best-in-class performance, stakeholder needs, and overall optimization. Whatever your need, Frogslayer is ready to hop in and help.

  • Build the right team for your new or existing product. Frogslayer offers consultation on how to design or build new teams or how to upgrade your existing team.

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