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Frogslayer Culture

Meaningful work.
Meaningful people.

Frogslayer is committed to creating a great place to work by hiring carefully and fostering life-long relationships. We communicate openly, support each other's personal and professional growth, and share an unwavering desire to deliver results.

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Why Work
With Us?

You Are More than Your Job

We know that your job is not the only thing in your life. (Really!) Come join an environment that celebrates diversity, encourages education and innovation, rewards divergent thinking, values close collaboration, and relishes your individuality.

  • Unorthodox and Anti-Orthodox - Frogslayer Culture

    Empowering Strategic Innovators

    At Frogslayer, we don’t hire “employees,” we hire strategic thinkers, problem finders and problem solvers. But most importantly, we hire great people who become part of our team and our happy frog family. Our workplace gives you space to grow. You’ll be trusted to figure out what to do. And you’ll be given the authority to deliver on it.
  • Frogslayer Culture - Commitment to Each Other

    Commitment to Each Other

    At Frogslayer, we are committed to listening and learning in order to create an inclusive, equitable, culturally competent, and supportive environment where all people are welcome. In doing so, we encourage, empathize, and enrich our community to create a better future and world.
  • Frogslayer Culture - Making An Impact

    Making An Impact

    We are passionate about enriching our culture through a variety of initiatives that connect Frogslayers with each other, their local communities, and their own wellness. Our focus includes hosting peer-to-peer events, engaging in wellness adventures, participating in philanthropic activities, and fostering connections that support both mental and physical health. We believe in creating an environment that strengthens our community and enhances the well-being of every Frogslayer.

Who Let The Frogs Out?

At Frogslayer, having a good time is not just encouraged; it's our way of life. We enjoy moments that bring us together, both in and out of the office. From spontaneous coffee chats to planned team celebrations, our bonds extend beyond work projects. We believe the strongest teams are built on a foundation of shared laughter, mutual respect, and the freedom to be ourselves.

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  • Frogslayer Culture - EOY Party
  • People laughing - Frogslayer Culture
  • Frogslayer Culture - Shaun giving speech
  • Frogslayer Picnic Group Photo - Frogslayer Culture

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