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How We Work

Idea to Impact in
12 Months or Less

Our no-BS, outcome-based approach will solve your most pressing challenges and help you do better business now and for years to come.

Our Principles for Success

Become Technology-Driven Rather Than Technology-Frustrated.

Design For Users - Frogslayer Custom Software Development Process
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    Plan for business results

    First, we agree upon metrics of success so that a clear value is established. Next, we work to understand your current process, examine how the pain point is solved today, and determine where opportunities lie. From there, we create a project plan that is tied directly to your needs and fits into your unique processes or ways of working.

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    Design for your users

    Designing from a point of empathy for your users, whether they are customers or employees, is key to our approach. During the process, we employ quantitative and qualitative methods to learn motivations, desires, and more. User-centric experience design is driven by the needs of the user and we will engage with them to ensure that we are creating something that’s easy-to-use and provides immediate value.

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    Deliver for immediate ROI

    Custom solutions – whether they are software, thoughtware, or some other kind of -ware – aren’t cheap. But growing companies that employ bespoke solutions have a unique competitive edge. Our goal at the end of each project is to have you up and running on your new system quickly so you can start seeing a return on your investment.

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    Maintain for long term success

    So, your project is released and is gaining traction in the market, but this isn’t the time to stand still. Software projects require ongoing maintenance of the backlog and periodic innovation checkpoints. Luckily, we’re with you for the long-haul. We’ll host, maintain and manage your system to keep it operating efficiently so you can see long-term cost savings and keep your system operational over a longer period of time.

Deliver for Immediate ROI - Frogslayer Custom Software Development Process
Maintain for Long Term Success - Frogslayer Custom Software Development Process
Plan for Business Results - Frogslayer Custom Software Development Process

Consequential Solutions that Deliver Sustainable, Profitable Growth.

Engage - Frogslayer Custom Software Development Process
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Deliver for Immediate ROI - Frogslayer Custom Software Development Process
People talking at table - Frogslayer - Custom Software Developers
Explore - Frogslayer Custom Software Development Process
  • Engage

    When you talk to us about your software project, the first thing we do is listen and ask questions as part of our Pre-Project Consulting (PPC). If we think we can help you, we’ll work with you to set a responsible budget and develop a project brief and proposal. If you’re coming to us with an already existing code base then we’ll start out by going through a live demonstration of what’s been built so far. We’ll then conduct a formal code audit and prepare a “takeover plan” and roadmap to get your software in good shape.

  • Plan

    Your project starts long before we write any code: understanding your business, how you’ll measure ROI, your user needs, potential risks and future opportunities.
    We’ll examine this collaboratively as part of the Validate-Design-Plan (VDP) phase. We’ll remove all the guesswork upfront so you can de-risk your software project and accelerate development. While avoiding rework, false starts, or wasting money on features that won’t get used. From there, we’ll define the features that support the core application and create an accurate cost and schedule estimate for your software project.

  • Build

    Our design and development practices are aimed at producing maintainable, extensible, and highly usable software. We begin with the most essential features, so we deliver the greatest value as swiftly as possible.
    By building only what’s needed, you can affordably create custom-fit Web and mobile applications that will enable your business to scale faster for years to come. We can build exactly what you need from scratch, take over an existing code base, or even rescue a failed project from other vendors or freelancers.

  • Scale

    You hire us to build custom software to make or save money. Until it’s released, your solution can’t do either. We help you determine the proper hosting, licensing, and distribution mechanism for your system in order to keep you focused on growing your business while we worry about delivering the tools you need to become a technology leader. This includes: ongoing feature enhancements and fixes, usage and performance optimization, security monitoring, backups, and compliance requirements (like HIPAA).

  • Explore

    No solution can remain frozen in place – that won’t suit your growing needs nor those of your users. In the Explore phase, we ensure that your solution remains as dynamic and user-friendly as possible through recurring looks at the backlog, frequent innovation checkpoints, and analytics-driven analysis of performance. Your business doesn’t stand still and neither should your software.

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